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7 Bass Players You Might Not Have Thought Were On LinkedIn

Quick – when you think LinkedIn, what comes to mind?

Maybe suits and ties?

Or power networking professionals?

How about CEOs and industry influencers?

What about famous bass players?

Probably something you might not have thought of but it’s in fact a reality!

– –  –

A few days ago when I was checking out and updating my own LinkedIn profile, I noticed show up in my feed this picture:

billy sheehan linkedin

Billy Sheehan?!

In fact it was. And as it turns out, there are some pretty noteworthy bassists with their own profile on the world’s largest professional network.

I continued to scour LinkedIn and came across some very interesting profiles of people who I didn’t think I’d ever imagine with LinkedIn profiles.

So here are 7 bass players who happened to also be on Linkedin

1. Rudy Sarzo

Rudy Sarzo is one of the original power houses driving the 80s hard rock and metal music scene. With over 20 years in the music business Sarzo’s musical pedigree is quite extensive having played with a who’s-who of 80s hard rock and heavy metal including:

2. Billy Sheehan

As I mentioned above, seeing Sheehan on Linkedin was a bit or a surprise initially. When we think Billy Sheehan our initial thoughts are images of this and this and some of this as well. Not someone on ‘the world’s largest professional network’.

Sheehan’s professional page is really nothing more than a page to help fans and business partners contact him. The page advises viewers that if they want to contact him, please do so by going to his website, www.billysheehan.com and clicking ‘email me’. Doing so will send a personal email to him.

3. Mike Inez

Alice in Chain’s long time bassist is another familiar face the bass playing community can find on LinkedIn. Unlike Sheehan or Sarzo’s profile, Inez’s profile is very straightforward without a lot of frills and whistles, listing all the gigs he’s been a part of since the early 90s:

  • Bassist for Alice in Chains
  • Bassist for Heart
  • Bassist for Black Label Society
  • Bassist for Ozzy Osbourne

All arranged in chronological order and a nice picture of Inez rocking out. Nice touch.

4. Stan Sergeant

I first came across Stan Sergeant with this video here demonstrating a new Music Man Bongo:

Since seeing that video, I always remembered him – and would periodically see him – on the Tonight Show performing back when Jay Leno was the host. Clearly since then he’s moved on and is now the bassist for Barry Manilow and has been for the last 6 years. Had I not come across his profile, I wouldn’t have known where he is these days.

5. Vail Johnson

Vail Johnson is all business on LinkedIn.

Johnsons’s profile is decorated with a partial client list, footage of him performing, details of his past and current gig with Kenny G, recommendations (lots and lots of recommendations!) and lots of other details about his work as a session player and organizations he’s a part of. Quite the resume, Mr. Johnson.

6. Tony Franklin

Franklin is another established figure on Linkedin.

Much like Johnson, Tony Franklin has a profile clearly outlining his work both as a session bass player and as a business owner. Franklin comes highly recommended by tens of clients for a wide range of skills across the musical spectrum from Recording to Arrangement.

7. Nikki Sixx

That’s right – the one and only Nikki Sixx has a LinkedIn profile. It’s a little deserted (a lot of a little deserted) and frankly is a little confusing why it exists. What does Nikki Sixx need a LinkedIn profile page for?

None the less, the only job listed is the one that we all know him for an will certainly remember him for: being the bassist of Motley Crue.

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