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The Alberto Rigoni Interview ll: Alusonic Basses, Kim Bingham and Twinspirits’ Future

What’s bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni been up to these days? Quite, actually, a lot since our last interview and the release of his Dingwall AR5 bass guitar back in December. Alberto’s been busy at work on:

  • Producing his new solo album
  • Fundraising for his new album
  • Promoting (and enjoying the heck out of) his brand new Alusonic Hybrid Signature Model
  • Touring with songwriter and guitarist, Kim Bingham

Luckily, I had some time to check in with Alberto since we last spoke to get the latest scoop on his new projects, his new bass and the future of progressive metal band, Twinspirits.

 – – –

Mike Emiliani (ME): Since we last talked, you have since acquired a new signature model bass with Polly Pollice and Alusonic Aluminum instruments. Can you walk myself and the readers of this interview through the story of how you started working with Polly and Alusonic. How is the new album coming along?

Alberto Rigoni (AR): First of all thanks for this interview, Mike! Hope you’re well!

Well, I meet Polly from Alusonic some years ago when he started the production of his Aluminium basses. I was very impressed by those instruments and I had a chance to try one of them 3 years ago if I remember correct.

That aluminum bass was owned by Italian bassist Matteo Balani and the sound was pretty interesting. Very focused on high frequencies more than any other frequency (I’m more into growly mids, personally).

In December 2013, I had a chat with Polly and talking about his basses he told me that he had in mind a new series called “Hybrid”, based on the combination of wood and aluminum. I had an incredible G.A.S. attack and we started discussing about a possible signature bass.

ME: You’ve also recently been positing audio clips of the bass with DR strings on Soundcloud. I have to ask – how is the bass?

AR: The bass is killer!

The sound is super punchy and defined. The combination of alder and aluminum top gives an incredible attack to notes as well as clarity. Aguilar Super Single pickups and DR Lo-Rider strings give a full mid growly tone that I love!

The notes have a lot of sustain and the low B is amazing – even as a 34′ scale bass!

It’s not easy to describe the sound, it’s better if you check out the following two videos (here and here).


ME: What first attracted you to Alusonic? Why this particular company? Why this brand?alberto rigoni interview alusoinc bass

AR: The first thing that impressed me was the look of Alusonic Instruments, as well as the concept of an aluminium bass made.

Polly is a great person, smart and clever, and he really knows how to make basses! Why this particular company? Because it’s innovative and I’m always looking for new exciting stuff. I also think the Italy deserves more attention regarding the bass production.

ME: You’ve also been actively gaining support and funding for a new album. What was your writing process to this album? What can the listener of the album expect out of this album that they didn’t get out of your past work and from Three Wise Monkeys?

AR: Yes, the fundraising campaign went very well and I’m impressed by how many guys supported me. THANKS! The new album is going to sound much more progressive and heavy than Three Wise Monkeys.

Heavy riff, weird time signature – all of that. The album, which will be fully instrumental, will of course features some bass only songs, which are more melodic. I think (and hope) that’s the best album I’ve ever composed.

ME: Is there a projected release date for the album? Where can we go and buy it once it’s out?

AR: The album should be released in October and signed copies can be purchased at http://albertorigoni.bandcamp.com.

The album will be also available in Digipack through distributors around the world and in digital in all major stores (iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify etc.).

A preview can be heard here:

ME: On a separate note, what has been going on with Twinspirits these days? I ran a Google search for them a few weeks ago and noticed that the official site was giving me a blank screen and now the site doesn’t even show up in Google searches.

AR: Well, it’s not official yet but the band quit…. and I really miss them!

MEAccording to your Facebook page and email updates, you’ve begun some new work with guitarist, Kim Bingham. What’s the story behind this partnership? How did you first meet and are there any big projects in the work with Kim?

AR: Yes, I’ve just joined Kim Bingham Italian band! Kim is a Canadian pop rock singer and songwriter. She has released a great album that I love and that can be heard at http://kimbingham.bandcamp.com. In the past she also toured with Nelly Furtado. I love her style!

How did I first meet her? Eh! The world is small, his boyfriend lives in my town.. and one of his friends told me that Kim was searching for a band here so….. 🙂

We had our first gig a couple of weeks ago and more gigs are coming. Our plan is to tour Italy. Kim is also going to release a new album soon!

You can see a video of the live performance of Kim Bingham’s cover of “Get Lucky” with Alberto on bass here: