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Announcement: Downloads Will Be Temporarily Offline

Hello Smart Bass readers,

I have a small announcement: free downloads and email signups will be temporarily disabled until I get the email delivery system sorted out:

Those of you that are signed up for the SBG newsletter or have signed up for many of the free downloads are probably noticing – or have been – that every Friday you’ll get multiple of the same emails updating you on what’s happened over the week on the site.

Well, good news! I think I’ve found a solution to the problem. It took a while and even the email providers were stumped on it for a while.

But it looks like I have found a way to get these repeat emails from happening and plauging your inbox.

So over the next weekend or 3 I’ll be restructuring the SBG email delivery system. It’ll be down for a little bit, but hopefully (hopefully!) if all goes well, the system will run smoother and of course eliminate these repeat emails.

If you’re interested in a free download:

  • Counting 101 guide
  • Bass Guitar Effects Guide
  • 10 Free Drum Tracks
  • Practice Habit Development

shoot me an email at mike@smartbassguitar.com and I’ll send it to you personally.

Stay tuned – Mike