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22 Memes Only Bass Players Will Understand

Where there’s an Internet, there will be memes.

Memes far and wide encapsulating some of the held stereotypes and inside jokes of different groups and cliques of communities and bass players have their own bass guitar memes showcasing their unity to the online bass guitar community.

A picture and 2 sentences in Impact Bold font on the top and the bottom of the picture. One sentence sets up a situation, the second delivers the punchline that only those in on the joke are supposed to “get”.

Bass players have their own memes that float around the Internet, weaving in and out of Google Images and Facebook Groups, often acknowledging the old stereotypes of playing bass:

  • Being the awkward kid who plays in back
  • The guitar player demoted to bass playing duties
  • The young musician being duped into playing bass
  • The bass player being the faceless nobody
  • Constantly being told to turn down
  • Never being allowed to solo (and if they do solo – 4 bars MOST and right after the guitarist’s 10 minute solo)
  • Being only slightly better than the band’s drummer on the musical food chain
  • Hating guitar players for many, many, many different reasons
  •  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Memes signify a community and showcase a common mentality and common humor.

Are memes silly? Sure. Are they accurate and shine light on truths new and old? Of course. Can they also be wildly inaccurate and dated? You bet they can.

At the end of the day, memes are just good fun. They provide use in on the joke with a smile and a satisfaction akin to getting a joke that a comedian unleashes on stage at a nightclub.

It’s a feeling of belonging and unity.

That all being said, here are 22 bass guitar memes just for bassists from the corners of the Internet and beyond:

lead guitarist told me how to play bassline reasons to date a bass player muppets bass meme always be yourself unless you're a bass player become a bass player they said she asked me 3 words every girl wants to hear baby i'm the best bass player you ever heard bass guitar meme 1 bass face meme big hands bass meme john myung bass meme youre not a fan of a band unless you know the bass player's name bass players are sexy I'm in love with a bass player bass playing girlfriend meme paul mccartney bass meme quote skrillex meme old bass players never die - they just reach new lows drop the bass they said unfortunately he'll remain a bass player eecard


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  • Dennis Mudloff

    Good stuff

  • Slim Spud