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I’m Dmitry Lisenko and This is How I Play

Dmitry Lisenko acoustic bass guitarWhen we’ve talked to bass players and asked them to be part of How I Play or for an interview, typically their primary instrument is the electric bass. Often times their secondary instrument is the upright bass. This is the first time talking to someone whose primary bass guitar is an acoustic bass.

Dmitry Lisenko is a bass player and teacher. Having started playing bass at age 16, Dmitry attended music university in London to formalize his music education only to drop out after the first year, citing the level of education was “very low”. Since then, Dmitry has continued to play and record and garner a name for himself as a unique act in bass guitar for his technique and style with acoustic bass guitar.

We had a chance to reach out to Dmitry and see if he could share a little bit more about him for our ongoing series, How I Play

Where Are You Currently Located?

Riga, Latvia

What is Your Current Gig?

Karmafree. It is duo project with my wife singer. We always experimenting with sound,  music styles, song meanings and music approach.The main point is to create music only with vocal and bass. Here is 2 of our works, ‘Fragile’ and ’Validate Me’.

What is One Word That Describes Your Playing?

(I need two words) No rules.

Describe Your Current Setup and What is Your Favorite Piece of Gear at the Moment?

My favorite piece of gear is definitely my acoustic bass.  After I learned a percussive technique and percussive style of playing, I am no longer interested in electric bass.

Before, I had a huge two meter-long pedalboards with different pedals, effects, loopers and  synthesizers. I sold it all after I tried the acoustic bass. I feel that finally after many years of searching I found myself in music.

What is One Thing You Could Not Live Without?

Without my wife.  She is my best friend, best inspiration, and the greatest joy in my life.

We could live without anything,  but not without those with whom we are deeply connected, so close that you don’t know where the one person ends and where another starts.

What is Your Practice Space Like?

Usually I practice at home. You don’t need anything really if you play acoustic bass. I also have small studio, where I teach bass guitar lessons, it’s a small room with PA system, bass apm, few chairs and table, with styrofoam walls (which are not so good in sound absorbing).

What Album or Artist are You Currently Listening To?

British guitarist, Jon Gomm. He has unbelievable guitars skills with incredible technique and sound, great voice, meaningful lyrics and awesome compositions. He has it all in one person.

What Book Are You Currently Reading?

The Art of Simplicity by Domenik Loro. It’s a book about minimalism in life.

I’d Love to See ______ Answer These Questions.

Jacque Fresco and Jon Gomm.

What’s the Best Piece of Advice You Ever Received?

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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