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I’m Robert “Bubby” Lewis and This Is How I Play

When today’s hip hop and RnB artists need a bass player, the first name that comes up is Michigan-native Robert ‘Bubby’ Lewis.

Born and raised in Flint, Michigan , Lewis first learned to play drums at his father’s church before switching over to bass. It was in that same setting that Lewis learned how to perform on stage before eventually switching over to bass guitar full time. Using his father’s church and church band as a stomping ground to hone his bass playing. Lewis quickly became the in-demand player in the area. According to one No Treble interview, Robert recalls his first big break as Snoop Dogg’s touring bassist coming with the help of gospel bassist Andrew Gouché.

Since then, Robert has become a front-of-mind name for hip hop and RnB bass players, providing low end support to Dr. Dre, Lupe Fiasco, Stevie Wonder, Kim Burrel and many more.

I had a chance to reach out to Robert for his contribution to the ongoing How I Play series. Here’s how Robert ‘Bubby’ Lewis plays!

– – –

Where Are You Currently Located?

I currently live in Los Angeles, California by way of Flint, Michigan.

What is Your Current Gig?

Recently, I was touring with Jhene Aiko. Mostly now, just finishing my own music and collaborating with other artist or musicians as well as composing.
What Is One Word That Describes Your Playing?
Describe Your Current Setup and What is Your Favorite Piece of Gear at the Moment?
robert bubby lewis gear
Lewis during his time as Snoop Dogg’s touring bassist (2008-2011)

I use pretty much every Gallien-Krueger cab and head that there is but mostly I use the Fusion 550, 2001 or MB series head with three 4×10 cabs with three 1×15 or slim it down to two 4×10 and two 1×15. My largest rig is 9 total cabs: six 4×10 and three 1×15. For smaller things I like to use a 2×12 combo. Pic of my favorite setup attached 🙂

What’s One Thing You Couldn’t Live Without?
What Is Your Practice Space Like?
I practice anywhere at any time.. my ideal space would be a dark room so i cant see my bass.. forces you to have to memorize the fretboard
What Album Are You Currently Listening To?
Recently I’ve been listening to so much different stuff. I have playlist that I’ve made on Youtube full of tons of video game composition and also lots of Indian music.
What Is One Book You’re Currently Reading?
One Piece and pretty much every other anime series. Aside from that, literally everything.
I’d Love to See _____ Answer These Questions.
Allan Holdsworth
What’s The Best Piece of Advice You’ve Ever Received?
Have my own identity and stay that way, don’t worry about fitting in or sounding like anybody else. Have my own sound and never care. Be who I am.

– – –
Follow Robert on Twitter and check out his new album, Gold Rush, out now on iTunes.