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New Additions to the Site!!!

Hey everyone!

My Smart Bass websites are still young and I still have so many ideas as to what to do with them. My latest idea came to me late last night: what if I had a section directly on the front page where you could practice and not have to go to YouTube or leave the site at all?

Well, I am now going to be putting jam tracks, free tracks from my Smart Bass SoundCloud account on the right hand corner of the website. Just press play and, well, play!


The second addition I am particularly proud of and interested to see how everyone reacts to it. I am going to be putting graphics from my “Theory in 300 Words” section on the right hand column of the front page.

No more looking for theory tutorials – the meat-and-potatoes are right there for you to see and quickly reference. No more wasting time scouring the Internet for complex theory explanations  The crux is right there so you can get back to what matters: playing bass!


Post your thoughts to the Facebook feed and let me know what you think!