Counting 101: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Counting Music

Trouble reading rhythms? Dissatisfied with other instructional videos or segments on the InternetScreen Shot 2014-04-20 at 2.54.33 PM and don’t feel like you’re getting any quality instruction on this topic?

Counting 101 is my quick, plain-English, to-the-point tool for people to learn how to read rhythms and count music from.

Great for beginners who have struggled with counting in the past. This guide is very user friendly and caters extensively to those who learn best with pictures and consider themselves to be visual learners.

In this volume, you’ll learn:

  • Basic music theory concepts
  • Awareness of the patterns of counting music and how to use this awareness in any musical situation
  • Fundamental concepts including: rhythm, beat, time signature, subdivision and note values

And be provided with tables, charts and graphics to illustrate all these important topics.

Developing (and Keeping) Good Practice Habits

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 2.25.09 PM

What do you mean you don’t have enough time to practice?!

What do you mean you’re practicing 3 hours every day and still feel like you’re not making any progress in learning the bass guitar? 

This short, 14 page eBook will actually make time for you with 5 actionable, scientifically-backed approaches to smart practice using the learning and skill development psychology.


  • How to identify your Personal Practice Time, the best time in the day where you feel most energized to play bass.
  • How to make the most of even 30 minutes every day. The amount of time you practice is less important than how you use your time. You’ll learn how to properly use your time with this book.
  • How to identify good and bad practice habits and how to eliminate the bad and capitalize on the good for a mind-blowingly productive session with only a fraction of the time used.


 Download 10 Free Drum Grooves

10 free drum tracks 2

Can’t find a drummer to play with and hate your metronome to death?

I got you covered, don’t worry.

This 10 free drum tracks bundle is designed to give you an array of drum tracks to help you practice and learn to play within different genres of music.

Here are the 10 tracks you’ll be getting in this tiny bundle:

  1. 5/4 drum groove
  2. 7/8 drum groove
  3. Funky drum groove
  4. Punk drum groove
  5. Questlove drum groove
  6. Reggae drum groove
  7. RnB drum groove
  8. Rock drum groove
  9. Samba drum groove
  10. Surf drum groove



The Ultimate Guide to Effect Pedals for Bass Players (new!)

the ultimate guide to effect pedals for bass players download

Effects can be tricky business and learning what does what and what goes where can be very time consuming and even cost quite a bit of money.

All of those questions, concerns an fears about pedals – prepare to have them all eliminated with this handy guide!

In this guide, you’ll:

  • Learn the fundamental roles and sonic qualities of the major effect pedals out there right now including overdrive, chorus, delay, envelope, wah and more
  • Gain insights into pedal board configuration and set up
  • and learn how the pros set up their pedal boards


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