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Smart Bass Guitar Is Going On Hiatus

Hello Smart Bass Guitar Readers,

While browsing around this site, you might have noticed that the last post made on this site was some months ago. If you’re part of the email updates, you might also notice that you haven’t received an update in some time. First and foremost, I apologize for that.

The tall and short of this post is that Smart Bass is going on hiatus. And there’s a few reasons for this decision and believe me, this was not an easy decision to make.

The first and the largest is time. I simply don’t have the time that I used to to actively post and maintain the site to the quality that I would like. Since moving to Boston and out of Rhode Island, it’s like someone stepped on the gas on my professional and social life. Everything feels like it’s been moving a mile a minute. As of late, my professional life has taken front seat and unfortunately that’s something I really can’t ignore.

I know I promised big things for the site in subsequent Facebook and email updates. More attention to video content, new features and things like that. Again, these things all seemed to fall down as of late because of time. There’s only so much time no matter how much you optimize your life for certain activities over others and my time is being demanded in other places as of late.

The second is interest. This runs parallel to my first point about time. When I started Smart Bass I felt an immense drive to offer the internet a different kind of bass guitar publication. Something more detailed, in depth and approached a trade publication differently. It’s all I could think about and it’s all I wanted to do. I spent working hours writing and putting together pieces. I would come home from work and keep going. It was all that I could think about because the vision of a different kind of bass guitar publication was so clear to me and I could see what the outcome would look like.

But as of late, again, other interests have slowly crept into my life and started to muscle out writing about bass guitar. Other interests like performing and making music have become more interesting and engaging to me than writing about it. Even things like running and competing around the country has become something new and exciting that I never thought I’d see myself in, but has become immensely interesting as of late.

The third is balance. I’ve always tried to live a balanced life. For most of my life I’ve always entertained 4 or 5 different things at the same time and enjoyed the constant iteration of making things fit in perfect proportion mentally and practically. But it hit me when I was dating my then girlfriend, that this balance is really just for me. It doesn’t lend a whole lot to outsiders coming into my life (usually) and that can be a problem.

In retrospect, I feel like my over extension across so many projects played a part in why that relationship fell apart. I wasn’t able to mentally allocate any space to someone who was smack dab in front of me showing me love and affection. It showed me that maybe I need to prioritize my interests and my social life a little bit better. Find time to close the laptop and watch Game of Thrones without feeling like you’ve committed a crime. But perhaps, that’s the cost of building something you believe in? Who knows.

Moreover, there wasn’t much time to just stop and smell the roses. I built most of Smart Bass when I was living in North Carolina, a place I thought I would never live and working there for a reasons I never imagined. I should have spent my time there exploring, meeting people, traveling around the south and getting some great experiences to share. But in retrospect, again, my time went to Smart Bass – for better or worse – and that time passed me by. I’m older now and feel like I can reflect on that time for what it was and my decision to do what I did back then. I chose to chase a project I believed in rather than, say, build a lifetime of experiences. There’s a shard of regret, unfortunately, but the past is the past and I don’t want to let time like this pass me by again.

The fourth reason is utility and need in 2017. A lot has changed on the internet in 4 years. The biggest of these changes is the feeling of everyone writing about everything and generating content about everything online. This feeling of supersaturation online. Compounded by what’s happened this past election cycle with the rise of fake news and paid misinformation around the internet. In this climate, to me, the internet doesn’t need another content maker right now. There’s enough content out there. Also, the content game is much more aggressive than it’s ever been.

The race for clicks and advertising dollars is hotter than ever now and everyone’s finding new ways or copying existing ways to make more of their site. Podcasts, video, podcasts about podcasts, videos about videos, aggregator articles about aggregator articles. Everyone is an expert. No one seems to settle for anything less than expert and while I’ve never claimed expertise, just my own thoughts, opinions and analysis (see: sub headline of the site), the climate of being a written publication online has seemingly gotten more intense and bizarre than ever before.

I’m immensely grateful to have found a niche that isn’t political and, frankly, has no way of becoming political. We’re all bass players. We’re all musicians and we just want to play and be heard. That cuts through political nonsense and we can all agree that bass is the best. I’m glad that this site got to be where it is. I’m glad that people saw benefit to it and grateful that I was able to stay true to my vision of what this site should be and people took to it.

I wish I could keep things going but I really don’t have the energy or drive to do so. It would be an injustice to continue but only give pithy content that did nothing more than satisfy a weekly quota of articles. The very thing I started Smart Bass to combat against almost 4 years ago (!!!). But again, it wouldn’t be fair to you, the readers that have been with me since 2013.
I’ll still be around the internet though writing about bass guitar. I’ve been working with Adam over at Bass Players United to develop a How I Play-esque segment where we showcase everyday players and their love for bass guitar called My Groove. At this point in my life, I’m really happy to have an outlet to share bass guitar in that way. I really am.
You can email me at mike@bassplayersunited.com if you’d like to be a part of the new segment on the site!
So that’s that. I hope to come back to this site sometime in the future. But in the meantime, I guess this is less goodbye and more see you later.
Thanks for everything. You’ve all been wonderful and couldn’t have asked for anything more from all of you.
Keep rockin,