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Smart Bass is Looking for Someone To Review Gear!

bass guitar rigIt’s a new year and Smart Bass Guitar is goin’ places, baby and one of those new places is in the realm of gear reviews for bass guitar.

Why now? Why am I looking for someone to review gear?

Well first off, I don’t consider myself much of a gear head and therefore don’t have much to say when it comes to reviewing gear or keeping an eye out for what’s the hottest thing on the market for bass players.

That begin said that’s why I’m turning to you, fellow Smart Bass readers: who want’s to write a twice-a-month gear review for Smartbassguitar.com?

Click here to check out the fill listing and what an applicant must have to fill the shoes of gear writer.

In a nutshell, an applicant must show:

  • The ability to write a gear review in the first place
  • Be able to produce a review once to two times a month
  • Have a passion for bass guitar gear and knowledge of how to use it and speak the terminology.
  • Write to a deadline
  • and be a bass player

and that’s basically it! Pretty simple, right?

Again, click this link to be taken to the listing. Good luck and I hope to hear from as many people as possible!

***UPDATE – 5/25/14***

The gear reviewer position has been filled BUT I am actively looking for contributing writers for Smart Bass.

Currently I’m looking for:

1. A bass teacher. Someone who could write 2 articles a month breaking down a technique or skill that comes with playing bass guitar. If able to do twice-monthly video lessons that is ideal, but written lesson columns is also accepted.

2. A music business guru. Someone who has knowledge, insights and wisdom into the music business as of 2014 and is able to commit to 2 articles per month detailing different things that musicians looking to make it in the industry should know and would benefit from knowing would be ideal.

3. Guitar repairman. I’m essentially looking for a go-to guy who can write about how to fixing bass guitars and write in a way that is beginner friendly, detailed and articulate. Basically – each post should be so useful and informative that even a novice, entry-level player can learn to setup their bass correctly in a weekend.

Same schpiel as above: send a small bio about yourself (a few sentences, how long you’ve been playing, how you came across Smart Bass – the basic stuff) to mike@smartbassguitar.com with the headline either Bass Teacher, Music Biz or Guitar Repair

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂