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Three Apps for Musicians on Firefox OS

firefox os musician appsWhile the world is busy debating what are the best apps for iOS and Android, and what are the best apps for musicians on each of these mobile operating systems, Firefox OS, Mozilla’s mobile operating system is still largely ignored!

And that’s a shame, frankly. Personally, I was very excited to see Mozilla come out with an operating system for mobile. Being a die-hard user of their flagship browser and email client, Thunderbird,

Though the operating system is still relatively new in the market and there are aren’t many apps for the budding system, Firefox OS has gained considerable traction in Latin and South America and parts of Europe. So for the Smart Bass readers in Latin and South America and Europe – this one is for you!

Keep reading below to learn about the apps for musicians for Firefox OS:

1. Metronome – Free

firefox os metronomeExactly like the name suggests, Metronome is a simple metronome application designed to give you the benefit of having a metronome in your pocket.

The interface is self explanatory: use the arrow keys to toggle the tempo up or down manually or tap out the tempo on the phone’s touch screen.

You can also change the time signature by selecting a beat duration and downbeat through a drop down screen in the app.

Though it’s not as elaborate as the hundreds of metronome apps for iPhone for example, it’s a metronome that does what it’s supposed to do. Unfortunately there aren’t a tremendous amount of bells and whistles on it, but it will get the job done whether you’re playing in 4/4 or something more complex like 5/9.

2. Petrucci Sheet Music – $0.99

firefox os classical musicIf your tastes are more gauged towards classical music and analysis of classical scores, then this is the app for you. The Petrucci Sheet Music app allows you to browse the public domain works of countless classical artists including Debussy, Stravinsky, Brahms, Ravel and many more all in your hand.

Each score is beautifully represented despite the small screen. Since most of these score tend to be found is large PDF documents from the Petrucci music library website, there is room to do the scores justice, so it’s a surprise to find how well these scores translated over to mobile so well.

Though not directly related to bass guitar, it is still a neat little app worth checking out and maybe throwing down 99 cents to get it on your phone.



3. Bass Notes – Free

Now here’s an app for bass players!

Bass Notes is a tool designed to help you memorize the fretboard faster. Like Metronome with it’s straight forward design and intuitive layout, Bass Notes works by presenting you with a digital rendering of the bass guitar fretboard and works by having you press down on frets and the name of the note comes up.

Certainly not the most practical way of learning the bass guitar fretboard but different people learn in different ways. For the average bass player, I would consider this app more of a reference tool intended for use on the fly.

bass notes firefox os

Anyway, there you have it – three apps for musicians on the Firefox OS. Like I mentioned earlier on in this post, the Firefox OS app marketplace is not nearly as extensive and niche as iOS or Android and that is certainly something working against it for users. But if you’re someone who thinks that this app store could use more bass guitar or musician related apps like a bass guitar tuner for example, then check out the Firefox OS Developer’s Network.