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Track Review: Guus van Beelen’s ‘Springtime’

Sunshine, birds chirping, warm weather. All things one would associate with spring. One reader submission captures those warm, lax feelings of a lazy spring day called ‘Springtime’.

Submitted by Dutch bassist and teacher Guus van Beelen, his latest composition, ‘Springtime’ perfectly captures the easy-goingness of a warm spring day.

Combining pinch harmonics and carefully calculated scalar runs up and around neck, van Beelen creates a neat, concise little dream in a 2 minute song. The main hook of the song around the 50 second mark is an elegant, flowing arrangement that feels neither rushed nor lagging.

Sometimes the song picks up, other times it pulls back like a person picking up their walking pace to catch the ice cream truck they see in the distance. It’s pleasant little song, fitting for a spring day with the windows open and the breeze pushing the curtains aside.

Listen to Guus van Beelen’s ‘Springtime’ here: